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Permanent jobs

Under AuzioCloud, persons with permanent jobs normally get fixed work for a tenure. In fact, they are given employment by the employer through the AuzioCloud platform for a fixed period or permanent basis through a contract. In this scenario, as AuzioCloud acts as a facilitator it is no longer committed to employees in terms of benefits and packages and it offers you only what the employer gives you as part of the package.

In fact, it is up to the employees and employers on the matter of working hours and the contract would be based on that. 

Permanent jobs are also considered to be fixed contract employment as a fixed tenure of the contract is agreed upon between employees and employers. Permanency of the employment is maintained as long as the contract is valid for the particular period( through termination). AuzioCloud doesn't have a role in determining the wages, penalties, etc as it is purely discussed by the employee and employer based on their agreement prior to signing the contract.

It is to be noted that it is completely at the discretion of the employee and employer if they want to move on from a permanent job to a casual job under AuzioCloud.

Popular Permanent Jobs

What are the benefits of permanent employment under AuzioCloud?

As the term shows, permanent employment offers a kind of permanency in the job as agreed upon by employers and employees. Pertaining to permanent employment with the AuzioCloud platform, employees mostly receive numerous benefits such as subsidized healthcare, paid vacations, holidays, sick leave, etc. In fact, the contract between the employee and employer would enunciate these things without having any sort of misunderstanding.

Things to be mentioned in the permanent employment agreement

Normally, a permanent employment contract with AuzioCloud contains the below-mentioned things- 

  • Job title and position: The title of the job and the position for which the employee is recruited has to be clearly given in the agreement. 
  • Duties and Responsibilities: The duties and responsibilities regarding the job have to be clearly furnished in the contract/agreement. 
  • Working hours & days- The normal working hours and days regarding the employment have to be provided in the contract. 
  • Remuneration- The remuneration about to be paid for the supposed job has to be correctly laid out in the agreement. It may refer to other benefits given to the employee which have to be in consonance with concerning labor laws. 
  • Undoubtedly, there will have clearcut terms and conditions laid out by AuzioCloud on the basis that the working arrangement is defined to proceed. 


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